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To Open
A magazin about openness and collaboration. A magazin about the potential of the masses. For my bachelor thesis i did researches on the open source movement and the affects of free accesseable knowledge and communication on the society. The essence i put together into a magazin, named "to open". My work was part of a collaboration with Bennet Grüttner and Robin Schüttert, who researched different aspects of our main subject groupdynamics.

A complex visual identity for the graduation-exhibition of the Münster University of Applied Science design department. The project included an exhibition-catalouge, the exhibition design, a webarchive and advertisment on a wide range of media. In cooperation with Josefine Benning, Sarah Brockmann, Christian Büschenfeld,Bennet Grüttner, Marcel Kreuzer, Christian Schröder, Robin Schüttert
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Las Islas
A collection of posters, flyers, brochures etc. for different events of the Las Islas festival in Tigre, Buenos Aires.

LoveLoveLove festival
The visual Identity for the LoveLoveLove festival in Zinnowitz, Usedom. The diverse logodesign shows different associations to a festival experience – which we love.

Phoenix Solar
Why is the sky blue ? Why is the sundown red ? What is the matter of the blue hour? Besides facts and figures the financial report of the Phoenix Solar Group explains in an easy illustrated way complicated background informations about the sun and the affection on our surrounding – the buisness of Phoenix Solar.

type 01
A clear grotesk typeface, with some extraordinary letters in three types: regular, geometric, skript. The types could be used as three individual typefaces or could even be written in a random mix, calculated by an algorithm .

Artifical Brothers
In autumn 2012 i accompanied the danish band "Artifical Brother" on their first germany tour for a tour documentation. This short teaser was done to show their live-potential.

Alfa Telefon
We realized a commercial for the Bundesverband Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung e.v. - an association which cares about the needs of illiterates. The spot takes places in an executive suite, where the CEO askes his employees to read out the latest companyfacts, everybody is passing the paper with an excuse for not beeing able to read, until it is obvious that nobody can read. in cooperation with Albert Paschen, Louis Victor and Marcel Kreuzer

Crossing Warden
The concept for this stopmotion video was to put a special focus on an object, which does not attract a lot of attention during our all day life , though it get frequently used by us. In cooperation with Albert Paschen and Bennet Meyer

High ascetics, young patriots, special women. A collection of observations I made in incredible India.

Lebenswert means worth living. As Münster, claims to be the most liveable city in 2004. These streetphotographies question this title and the worth of life.

Einigkeit im Frittenfett
Einigkeit im Frittenfett means unity in fries fat – the series is a documentation of the german "Imbiss" (fast food) culture and the people, who work for it. In cooperation with Valeska Hoischen

Hello there. I hope you liked what you saw.
My name is Tobias Banning, I am a communication
designer working in the fields of graphicdesign,
video and photography. I studied design in
Münster, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I graduated in 2013, currently I am searching for a job.

Feel free to contact me,
I would appreciate any kind of feedback.